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Fri Oct 28 12:08:00 CDT 2005

This sounds like a plan.  If Tony is ok with it we'll schedule to get
the maintainer rating removed and replaced by an average of the
maintainer rating for the latest wine rev probably middle or late next
week.  I wanted to get the first pass of the unit testing code in
place before we make any more changes so we can reduce the risk of
breaking the production site.


On 10/28/05, Jonathan Ernst <Jonathan at> wrote:
> Le vendredi 28 octobre 2005 à 12:36 -0400, Chris Morgan a écrit :
> [...]
> >
> > Right now the rating you see is the one decided by the maintainer of
> > the application and based on their judgement.  Now that we have the
> > testing results there is some question of how to reflect these results
> > to users.  Certainly if an application has a handful of gold ratings
> > and no maintainer rating it should probably be listed as gold.  Do we
> > remove the maintainer rating all together?  Add yet another field?
> > Ideas?  Personally I'm inclined to remove the maintainer rating and
> > have the application rating be based on some computation based on
> > testing results but there is a question of whether those are reliable
> > enough and whether we want the maintainer to be able to override for
> > some reason.
> I think the maintainer rating should be removed and the last rating
> should be used for version rating. If the version is maintained the
> maintainer can submit test results on a regular basis and thus influence
> the overall version rating.
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