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I dont think you should be so quick to over-ride that maintainer's  
evaluation. It would seem likely that they have looked into it a bit  
deeper than the average user. (Maybe weight the maintainers rating)

Also may move to marks out of ten rather than ill-defined  
I would doubt anything under wine merits gold and garbage mean many things  
to many ppl.

Using less emotive number ratings allows more objective ratings and finer  
granularity (0-10 not 0-3) .

Equally one digit takes up a lot less space than "garbage" and would allow  
display of both maintainer and user ratings which is clearly more  


On Fri, 28 Oct 2005 19:08:00 +0200, Chris Morgan <chmorgan at>  

> This sounds like a plan.  If Tony is ok with it we'll schedule to get
> the maintainer rating removed and replaced by an average of the
> maintainer rating for the latest wine rev probably middle or late next
> week.  I wanted to get the first pass of the unit testing code in
> place before we make any more changes so we can reduce the risk of
> breaking the production site.
> Chris
> On 10/28/05, Jonathan Ernst <Jonathan at> wrote:
>> Le vendredi 28 octobre 2005 à 12:36 -0400, Chris Morgan a écrit :
>> [...]
>> >
>> > Right now the rating you see is the one decided by the maintainer of
>> > the application and based on their judgement.  Now that we have the
>> > testing results there is some question of how to reflect these results
>> > to users.  Certainly if an application has a handful of gold ratings
>> > and no maintainer rating it should probably be listed as gold.  Do we
>> > remove the maintainer rating all together?  Add yet another field?
>> > Ideas?  Personally I'm inclined to remove the maintainer rating and
>> > have the application rating be based on some computation based on
>> > testing results but there is a question of whether those are reliable
>> > enough and whether we want the maintainer to be able to override for
>> > some reason.
>> I think the maintainer rating should be removed and the last rating
>> should be used for version rating. If the version is maintained the
>> maintainer can submit test results on a regular basis and thus influence
>> the overall version rating.
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