alt-tab task switching form a wine app

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Fri Oct 28 14:11:37 CDT 2005

On Thu, 27 Oct 2005 22:16:23 +0200, Anthony R. Tuel <atuel at> wrote:

> It seems when I have an app up running under wine (lotus notes 6.5.4 in  
> my case) and I switch to another app (using a gaim messaging window in  
> my case) using alt tab, when I come back to my notes window its as if  
> I'm still holding the alt key.  Not sure if this happens in other apps,  
> but its really noticible in notes since it uses the alt key for all  
> sorts of keyboard shortcuts.  So if i'm writing a new email in notes,  
> someone sends me an IM, I alt-tab switch over to gaim, when I switch  
> back to notes and want to hit enter for a new line, it brings up the  
> font properties windows (alt+enter being the font properties shortcut).   
> This seems to happen with both 20050930 and the .9 releases at least.   
> Has anyone else seen this issue?

No idea , dont use Notes/Lotus but I would guess it is picking up the fact  
that the alt-key is still down when it get the focus back and taking it as  
a keypress.

It is not std bahaviour to take that as a keydown event but I would try to  
get out of it as you would if you pressed the alt in the app and then  
changed your mind. (Esc. Cntl_C , I dont know Notes.)

That is assuming you have a problem with it. If you are just curious about  
why, I think the answer is the non-std way it is handing key-states.


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