Half-Life 2 / Counter-Strike: Source under Wine

Evil wine at eternaldusk.com
Sat Oct 29 17:48:09 CDT 2005

One thing I've noticed while trying to get CS:S to work is that if I set
the resolution to something other than that of my desktop (1280x1024),
WINE does resize the screen to the appropriate rez... BUT moving my
mouse to the edge of the screen lets me scroll across the rest of my
virtual desktop.

Maybe this is because I'm using xOrg 6.8.2?  (I'm running Mandriva 2005LE)

I would suspect this is part of the reason Counter-Strike gives me
1frame per second:  If OpenGL works like DirectX, maybe it's not
actually writing directly to video RAM and is instead copying from a
backbuffer in system RAM?  I'm not familiar with OGL at all, so I don't
know if that's true or not.

Things seem better when I run the game in my native resolution in that
at least I don't see my desktop newsticker crawling along the top. 
However, performance is relatively unchanged (i.e.  about half a frame a
second or less at the higher rez)

I'm using an ATI 9600XT card with the latest (8.18) drivers.  Native
Linux 3D apps run very nicely.


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