KERNEL: force copying of DOS-style path into argv[0] of PE process

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Mon Oct 31 13:45:07 CST 2005

>>>>> Alex writes:
    Alex> Sorry to disagree, but I have seen this behavior
    Alex> (fully qualified name in argv[0]) since MS-DOS and
    Alex> Windows 3.1. Even some old C tutorial books mention
    Alex> it in passing. I have also replicated this behavior
    Alex> from the command line (COMMAND.COM) in MS-Windows
    Alex> 98 in a DOS box, without using Explorer. My sample
    Alex> app prints out the argv[] array and it consistenly
    Alex> shows a fully qualified path to the executable in
    Alex> argv[0], even when run from a DOS box.


can you please look at wine/dlls/kernel/test/process
/* Test for Bug1330 to show that XP doesn't change '/' to '\\' in argv[0]*/

Perhaps you can add a test case for your observation...


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