Wine on Solaris?

Thomas Tornblom Thomas.Tornblom at Hax.SE
Mon Oct 31 14:52:06 CST 2005


I'm new to this forum, so bear with me...

I'm trying o build 0.9 on Solaris 11 (nevada) and I'm running into some 

The background is that I'm trying to run ComSoft, a win application to control 
the heatpump in my house. It uses serial comm, just plain 9600 bps, even parity. 
I tried to use the 20041104 version available on the Solaris 10 companion CD, 
but serial comm seems seriosuly broken on it, and I thought I'd better start 
with something more recent.

I have added some missing sun-specific pieces from the 20041104 version as it 
was built by someone at Sun, and I have been able to build it, sort of.

I'm running into problems when I try to start wine, where I get complaints about 
unresolved symbols, all of which are defined in the dll shared libraries.

I'm puzzled by the naming of the shared libraries and I don't understand how 
they are spposed to be named and used.

Take the kernel32 dll for instance. It is named /opt/sfw/lib/, 
but during linking it is used as "-lkernel32", and at runtime no symbols are 

I'm trying to get in contact with the engineer at sun who built the version on 
the companion CD, but perhaps someone here can explain how it is supposed to 


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