Need ideas about ntoskrnl

Rob Shearman rob at
Wed Sep 7 08:26:42 CDT 2005

Ivan Leo Puoti wrote:

> Peter Beutner wrote:
>> Yupp most of the code maybe already in ntdll.
>> But imo it is quite as ugly, from a design point of view, to call ntdll
>> functions from inside the ntoskrnl.
>> It should be the other way around, shouldn't it?
> Sure, you just have to convince Alexandre that it's a good idea to 
> move all the Nt* APIs to ntoskrnl, you're welcome to try but I think 
> it's something you won't s do before wine 8.0

Every time you feel like saying "you just have to convince Alexandre 
that it's a good idea" it should be a warning sign that what you are 
proposing isn't really a good idea.

In this case, ntdll shouldn't be calling ntoskrnl because we aren't 
going to emulate the NT kernel to user apps. That is the job for 
ReactOS. So yes, ntoskrnl should call ntdll functions because ntoskrnl 
is just a user-mode client like any other app/dll.


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