documentation out of date.

wino at wino at
Sat Sep 17 14:12:55 CDT 2005

I am trying to update from 20050524 to wine-20050830.

The newer version tells me to use winecfg not the old config file , so I  
thought I should read up on it.

>> bash-3.00#man winecfg
>> No manual entry for winecfg

So I tried man wine but no mention of winecfg , it still refers to the  
config file. It also lists a reference in the last line to a man entry for  
wineserver. So I decided to get upto date on wineserver...

>> bash-3.00#man wineserver
>> No manual entry for wineserver

Wine is a very complex program, it would be helpful if the man entries  
were self-consistent and updated with the release they install with,  
especially when important changes like the introduction of wineconfig are  

So where do I look for info on winecfg? In short, does .wine/config still  
get read or is it dead?

Also winecfg About tells me version is "wine CVS" , wine command tells me  

I am trying to maintain an app in the appDB but this is difficult without  
consistent doc.

TIA for any input.

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