[Now ns7] Dragon ns8 problem

wino at piments.com wino at piments.com
Sat Sep 17 14:27:23 CDT 2005

On Mon, 12 Sep 2005 13:14:44 +0200, Jean Magnan de Bornier  
<jean at bornier.net> wrote:

> OK, I added rpcrt4.dll in c/windows/system, and now dns starts all right,
> although slowly and with strange messages, and WORKS!
Hmm, I found it is very slow to open on more recent wine versions : ie  
after 20050524 but was getting crashes as soon as I tried to open  
dragonpad. This is regression, it used to work.

Could you post which (all) dlls you have had to run native to get this  
working? Did you have to install IE6 first or not. (I cheated but it  

> I have not figured out I could save the output that is written on the  
> "dragon
> editor"; if I try to save in a file dns crashes, if I try to save to
> clipboard (C-c) and then open it in e.g. emacs, I have nothing.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,

To copy text dictated into DragonPad I simply highlight it with the mouse.  
Standard X behaviour will copy this to the clipboard without any other  
clicking or hotkeys. Then I paste where I want it . Again, the std 3rd  
mouse button click will paste most places in X , but in Opera email I find  
I have to use Cntl-V to paste since the mouse-3-click seems to paste  
another buffer.

I love this - highlight to copy; one click to paste - in X , it is so much  
more efficient than all the context menu stuff in Win.

I seem to recall the Edit menu in dragonpad worked as expected as well.

Cant advice on emacs behaviour.


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