listview: infoPtr might be invalid after WM_NOTIFY

Lionel Ulmer lionel.ulmer at
Tue Sep 20 17:11:50 CDT 2005

On Tue, Sep 20, 2005 at 11:51:00AM -0400, Dimi Paun wrote:
> I personally think an exception-based solution would be better.
> This is what exceptions where invented.

Correct me if I am wrong (I know absolutely nothing about how the listview
code works) but a flaw of the 'exception based' solution would be if the
application allocated memory that would re-use the just freed memory pointed
by 'infoPtr'.

This would mean that no exception would be triggered while the code would
still be wrong as it would write / read something that is clearly not what
it expects.

Now one could say that knowing the heap allocation algorithms this case
should never happen, but well, better safe than sorry.


		 Lionel Ulmer -

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