Windows CE on Wine

Boaz Harrosh wine at
Wed Sep 21 03:35:13 CDT 2005

On 9/20/05, Filip Navara <navaraf at> wrote:

>>It was proved that to run simple WinCE/x86 programs all that is
>>needed is to get the loader to accept the WinCE PE signature (which Wine
>>used to ignore and probably still does) and have implementation of the
Was that on React-OS or on Wine?

Steven Edwards wrote:

>I had to flip the subsystem ID of a WinCE test app using one of the
>msvc build tools. My sample application just called a message box api.
>I don't know if any more complex WinCE applications would work due to
>threading and memory management differences.
OK Exactly! At first I did not think we could use the same binaries. 
Just maybe the same codebase but compiled with different set of 
makefiles. I'm not even sure the ABI is the same. The sameness is only 
promised at the source code API level.

  Funny how Microsoft uses a totally different set of Headers for CE. 
Even the Wine-headers are closer to the original SDK than CE. The order 
of function is different, the macros, the styling. There is no 
resemblance, not even one name of one parameter. Just the Function name 
and the Header name. Its like they had a copyright problem and needed to 
write it from scratch.:)
  Now for wine I will not do the same. I'll try to keep the same 
headers, and where there are ABI differences. Like calling convention 
parameter sizes.. I'll try to use a macro.
  On the implementation side Linux is Linux is Linux so I guess that 
should work well. But it looks like The Win32 API was shifted around a 
bit so in CE functions don't sit in the same Dll's as they sit in Win32, 
and apps are linked differently. So spec files and Makefiles will have 
to be different.

What I'm afraid of is the things I don't know, which is how x86 is Wine. 
And how separated is that from the rest of the code.

Thanks guys

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