Finding apps that are keeping organizations from switching to Linux

dank at dank at
Wed Sep 21 05:25:18 CDT 2005

I've been thinking about how to boost Wine
adoption among organizations that are considering
migrating their desktops from Windows to Linux.
It seems like the place Wine could have the most
impact is at sites which have just one crucial
Windows app which is keeping them from migrating
So I'm thinking about compiling a list of these
keystone apps, starting a little informal
QA of Wine using them, and filing reproducible bugs
in the winehq bugzilla.

Does anyone have suggestions for apps to consider
for that list?  I'm looking for semispecialized
apps that haven't gotten much attention from
Wine to date, and that have free demo versions
or have vendors willing to provide copies of
their Windows apps for QA under Wine.  I'll
probably focus on one to three such apps,
since my time's pretty limited.

For example, I ran into such an app while volunteering
at a 500-member church.  Just about the time I
was starting to think about moving them to Linux,
they bought a package called "Church Windows",
and quickly became completely dependent upon it.
There are probably three or so apps in the
"church management" category that, if supported
by Wine, would enable thousands of churches to
consider migrating to Linux.

Perhaps some of you who have worked at
churches/schools/nonprofits/companies can chime in here...


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