freedce/win32 - making progress.

Peter Ekberg peda at
Wed Sep 21 06:44:12 CDT 2005


* Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton writes:
> okay, i'm getting somewhere, and there's a key part that i would
> appreciate some advice about: if there is anyone who knows how to
> do cross-compiling of dlls using libtool, mingw32 (in automake
>'s) where the dlls need to link against _other_ libraries,
> i would love to hear from you.
> if you know of a better place to ask questions such as these, i would
> also appreciate some advice on where i should ask them.

Perhaps libtool at, but please be more detailed in what
you're trying to do and what you want to happen.

> [please respond cc direct because although i am subscribed
>  to the wine-devel list i have "receive postings" switched off
>  because i haven't sufficient time any more to sort or delete
>  hundreds of messages per day like i used to have.
> ]
> there are about eight libraries containing a function
> rpc__module_init_func() and these need to be LoadLibrary'd and
> GetProcAddress'd and called...
> ... but in endeavouring to create dlls, i am getting mad warnings from
> libtool about a) static libraries containing unresolved functions
> therefore libtool says it _could_ link against the library you
> requested, but only if you made a dynamic version and b) unresolved
> symbols for functions in other libraries, and it's all a bit of
> a vicious circle and i'd rather not bash my head against a brick
> wall for days on this.

You could try the first patch in this post:

It just might help...

It could also be that it's as simple as saying -no-undefined
to libtool, that option is needed on windows.

But as always it's hard to tell without all the gory details.

> if this issue cannot be resolved then there are a number of nasty
> options remaining:
> 1) statically link binaries against the libraries, with hard-coded
> module init functions (which is what i'm doing now and i link against
>,,,, the list
> goes on and you have to do that for EVERY client AND server program)
> 2) abandon automake, work out how to manually create dlls.  yes i know
> about .def files but libtool appears unconvinced.
> neither of these two is attractive options.
> anyway: what i have working so far can be found at the freedce-devel
> mailing list archives, and as of today, rpcd (the endpoint
> on port 135) works.
> and also when i add a NamedPipes transport (ncacn_np) it will
> be on \PIPE\epmapper, too.  that'll be a fun job.  no, really!
> tomorrow's job is to link the echo_server and test that, and if that
> works, try the echo_client too.
> if those work, then the free software community will have its own
> DCE/RPC reference implementation running on win32.
> much damn good may it do, i am sure.
> l.
> p.s. thank goodness for pthreads-win32.


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