WooHoo get a load of this :-)

Kuba Ober kuba at mareimbrium.org
Thu Sep 22 11:26:28 CDT 2005

On Thursday 22 September 2005 11:37, Marcus Meissner wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 21, 2005 at 06:39:06PM +0100, Ivan Leo Puoti wrote:
> > Tom Wickline wrote:
> > >4. System becomes the property of SpecOpS Laboratories.
> >
> > Oh yeah, someone writes a full windows API implementation in a month or
> > so,
> You misread the mail...
> It says "One Application" and "get it running using WINE".
> I would consider myself nearly capable to do that myself.

I'd say we should all wait till we see what's in the challenge registration 
form, where they are actually supposed to reveal exactly what those $10k buys 

One application doesn't mean much. It can be something huge. It can be 
something that needs something that wine nowhere near implements. And so 

If they're willing to pay someone $10k then either it's not such a trivial 
job, or their VCs want some sort of demonstration and the SpecOpS people just 
don't have enough expertise.

Or it's all just blown out of proportion with $10k being way more than good 
compensation for the work involved, but someone clueless enough having $10k 
to toss around.

Maybe it's just worth for some wine hackers to register and see what comes out 
of it.

The mere fact that they don't mention what application would it be sounds 
suspicious to me.

Cheers, Kuba

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