Thanks for your quick reply...

Esko Woudenberg wanderbored at
Thu Sep 22 12:23:43 CDT 2005

Would I be correct in guessing that:

are generally not important messages for debugging?
(and also is +relay enough or should I use +all?)

> Ok, here it looks like it either really runs out of
> stack or just
> trying to access the last page of the stack. Wine
> has a problem in those
> areas. It doesn't grow stack and throws that
> exception when app tries to
> access last page of the stack, that works under
> windows.
If that is the case, is there a work-around?

Detecting Wine...
> Bad idea. You need to find out what is wrong with
> Wine and fix it.
> Or find the problem and let us fix it.
I understand your concerns but aim to follow parallel
paths...  (Might end up prompting user "Wine detected
- Work around known problems?  Y/N")

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