Bugzilla cleanup

dank at kegel.com dank at kegel.com
Sun Sep 25 09:13:46 CDT 2005

Vijay wrote:
> There are lot of available bugs in bugzilla, 1305 till now.
> I closed some 5 issues.
> I have some 15 bugs on my agenda.
> I will be testing them or sending patches for them, starting tommorrow.
> If anybody is interested, please try to close as many old bugs as possible.
> We have old bugs that date from 2001, many might have been fixed by now.

I put together a web page to help guide new
wine volunteers to do just that.  It's at
and I'm starting to publicize it.
Please have a look at it and let me know if
you see anything that needs improving.

I'll upload that content to winehq's web site
once it's complete and polished.

(And then maybe I'll turn my efforts to recruiting
more wine *developers* to fix the bugs :-)

- Dan

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