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Mon Sep 26 22:22:26 CDT 2005

Brian Vincent wrote:
 > On 9/23/05, josephblack <josephhenryblack at> wrote:
 >>After some discussion, Jason has confirmed he would like to
 >>raise an offer of and its contents to the Wine project.

 > First off, there's a lot of useful info in that wiki.  It obvious a
 > lot of time has gone into it.

thanks. Since starting, the wiki has collected tips for nearly a year. I 
have been trying to make time to send drafts to wine docs - such as some 
of the info about regression testing.

 > However, I really don't see the point of having that wiki and I think
 > it has the potential to do more harm than good.  If there's one thing
 > Wine and the rest of the community has proven over and over, it's that
 > we can't maintain documentation.  I'd (almost) argue its best to have
 > no documentation than completely incorrect docs.
 > I realize that wiki came into existence before Wine's own, but now
 > that we have one I think some of that info needs to migrate to
 >  <snip>

Well, There are two things being offered
1. the domain name
2. the contents

I dont mind, nor have much of a preference of whether it is moved over, 
or both are used by wine. Either way, at least tips from the mailing 
lists can be stored, saved and later moved to oficial documentation.

however while the developer wiki has shown it needs protecting, the 
unofficial 'end user/beginner' wiki has kept a low profile and carefully 
allowed open posting. People regularly take advantage of this to add 
notes or make corrections anon

 >Furthermore, the
 >has a huge section on applications that's best suited for the AppDB.
 >The info there directly competes with the AppDB and we shouldn't
 >attempt to maintain two places with differing info.

sure. I had expected all of that to move to the appdb. Applications 
havent really been my focus - all we wanted was to at least save info 
for later inclusion or encourage someone to become a maintainer.

Curiously one apdb entry has basic installation notes and then uses the 
wiki for a fairly lengthy & comprehensive troubleshooting suggestions - 
and recently someone anon added a portuguese(?) translation summary.

With those who add a new entry - we have had some success with them then 
becoming an apdb maintainer and as admin I put a chill on any misguided 
attempts at competition. The appdb is where that important info belongs 
but perhaps the appdb should be the subject of a seperate discussion.

Joseph Black

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