Problem with D3D9 CreateDevice

Karsten Elfenbein elfe-sysmail at
Wed Sep 28 12:35:20 CDT 2005

See below

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> I am trying to get an application I have written
> working under Wine. My application uses Direct3D v.9
> which is causing a problem. I am using the latest CVS
> version of Wine under Mandriva Linux 10.2.

Could you tell us what app/game you are trying to run. (trail/demo

I have a game (Eve Online) that fails while detecting the direct modes.

> I have located the source of the error in device.c
> which seems to be something to do with it not having a
> valid X11 window. However, at this point my lack of
> Wine knowledge prevents me from getting any further.
> Has anyone any idea what might be causing this problem
> and what I can do to fix it?

Did you try the directx 2005-06-13 patch with the cvs from that day?
Eve basicly stops even before showing the login screen in current CVS
but shows the login screen with the old cvs + that patch.

> Any help much appreciated.
> Mark

Hope it helps a bit


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