Problem with D3D9 CreateDevice

Mark Hatsell mark.hatsell at
Thu Sep 29 05:22:48 CDT 2005

"Oliver Stieber" <oliver_stieber at> wrote in message 
news:20050928232524.85003.qmail at
> MDI was updated a few months ago, one of the results is that MDI no longer 
> works for Direct3D
> applications. Fixing MDI for Direct3D is on my TODO list.

I think the error occurs when Direct3D is used in any child (non-top level) 
window, not just MDI child windows. I say this since the mfctex sample is 
not an MDI application and the same problem exists. However, the Direct3D 
window is a child of the main application window.

I'll keep my eyes peeled for a patch.


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