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Scott Ritchie scott at
Sat Apr 1 00:29:50 CST 2006

On Fri, 2006-03-31 at 21:48 -0600, Jeremy White wrote:
> Anyone else have any objections or other thoughts on it?

Let's remember that it's not just firms like Google that could give "the
Wine project" money.  Wine has some serious potential value for a whole
lot of people - scientists, governments, businesses, charities, etc.
What this means is that we're eligible for a whole ton of grants that
nobody has ever even bothered to apply for.

With the officialness of a respected nonprofit to act as a neutral body,
we can start applying for these things.  Significantly, interested
donors can also get tax deductions and all the other side benefits that
such charities bring.

A while back I began seriously thinking about the possibility of
nonprofit status and began researching into all sorts of grants and
fundraising sources that Wine could potentially tap.  Needless to say,
now I have reason to dig up my notes and look into it further.

Scott Ritchie

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