Direct3D, the kernel and ReactOS

Jonathan Wilson jonwil at
Sat Apr 1 04:31:56 CST 2006

I havent seen any microsoft source or any other dirty stuff but what I know 
is that the DirectX dlls call functions like ddentryxx and gdientryxx in 
gdi32.dll. (there is a ddrawgdi.h file in the platform SDK I have and there 
is also documentation on MSDN for them)
These then call system calls that thunk down into kernel.
In the kernel mode code, I believe that a combination of code in 
win32k.sys, code in dxapi.sys, code in dxg.sys and code in the display 
driver are what actually do the work. (although I dont know for sure the 
relationship or what is going on here)

Also, I dont know exactly how complete it is but I know that the windows 
DDK and/or the DirectX SDK includes header files like d3dnthal.h and that 
there is documentation for the stuff in those header files in MSDN.

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