cvs help for bug #4541, Wine > 20050725 with FreeBSD 6.0

Lee Parsons parsonsl at
Tue Apr 4 11:54:38 CDT 2006

I submitted the bug #4541 regarding running the application WinMDI on wine
in FreeBSD 6.0:

I have begun regression testing on this bug.  I have determined that it
seems to break on 20050921, as 0921 works and 0922 does not.  

However, I have been unable to cvs checkout any particular versions of wine
for that day.  For example, if I look at the wine-cvs archives for that day,
and want to checkout for the patch submitted 05:20:20, I run the command:
lparsons at r32_1600$ cvs -d $CVSROOT checkout wine "2005-09-21 05:20 CDT"

which ends up returning:
cvs checkout: cannot find module `2005-09-21 05:20:20 CDT' - ignored

I would like to be able to determine which patch specifically is
responsible.  Any help with CVS would be useful here.  

thank you
Lee Parsons

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