[opengl] Another possible fix for the BadMatch error

Tomas Carnecky tom at dbservice.com
Tue Apr 4 11:36:30 CDT 2006

Leon Freitag wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 4. April 2006 14:49 schrieb Tomas Carnecky:
>> Leon Freitag wrote:
>>>> BadMatch in X_GLXCreateGLXPixmap is a known problem, I've submitted a
>>>> patch but it was rejected.
>>> Well, try to resubmit it :) Or post it here, so that others could test
>>> it. Perhaps you could merge this one-liner into it and then resubmit it.
>> Yep, here it is. But note that it's only supported on GLX 1.3 and higher.
>> tom
>> +  fbCfgs = wine_glx.p_glXChooseFBConfig(ctx->display, 
> DefaultScreen(ctx->display), attribList, &nElements);
> Hm, as I see this patch tries to fix the spec violation. I have tried 
> something like this already before on weekend, but glXChooseFBConfig returned 
> NULL and the problem still existed.

Right, that is totally possible.. because glXQueryDrawable() just above
returns an incorrect FBCONFIG_ID as long as the drawable hasn't been
touched by a GLX function (glXMakeCurrent() for example).

try to call describeDrawable() before and after glXMakeCurrent() ans see
if the output changes.

> I'll try this patch however, perhaps I 
> made some mistake this weekend. Should it really fix X_GLXCreateGLXPixmap?

No, this is only a cosmetic change, but it makes debugging easier
because you then see the correct IDs. The X_GLXCreateGLXPixmap fix is
much harder :(
Although I wrote a couple of patches (because this bug can be fixed in
several places) all were rejected. Search the wine-patches mailing list,
you'll find the patches there.


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