Adam D. Moss aspirin at
Wed Apr 5 05:51:19 CDT 2006

Willie Sippel wrote:
> No need for a full-blown game, I use this great free 5.9MB demo to test audio 
> on Wine:
> Unbearable with regular Wine (kernel 2.6.13/ amd64, gentoo r5 patchset - can't 
> test with later kernels, as there's a problem with the SCSI-subsystem as of 
> 2.6.14), just dandy with Mikes patch and realtime-lsm...

This works 101% perfectly under WINE (CVS HEAD, no
special patches), running as a user, kernel 2.4.31,
wine-oss sound driver on top of ALSA 1.0.5a's OSS

Frame rate isn't brilliant (750MHz machine) but audio
is spotless.

My sound hardware is:
0 [Live           ]: EMU10K1 - Sound Blaster Live!
                      Sound Blaster Live! (rev.7) at 0xd800, irq 12

FYI my audio experience with this setup has been flawless
with wine for as long as I can remember, at least devoid
of the stutters and noise that many people seem to

Wow, I just tried the demo with wine's 'native' ALSA driver
and the audio does break up a lot...


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