Wine as Windows Terminal Server?

Samuel Hunt shunt010 at
Sun Apr 9 06:47:10 CDT 2006

Thought for you all.....

Would it be possible to use Wine with a few extra bits to 
make a kind of Windows Terminal Server?

So you login via VNC, and the Wine system prompts you for a 
username and password, which it authenticates. It then loads 
up a "desktop", with a fake "Start" menu, that you have 
things similar to a normal start menu, but more appropriate 
to a terminal server environment.

You then run your programs, but all the I/O is to/from the 
remote client, and each session is independent of each 
other, so there can be lots of different clients with 
different permissions (so admin may have full access to all 
of the drive, but users have various bits of their "hard 
drive" read-only and things like that).

Would seem to make Wine very useful if that could be done. 
Then VNC clients simply see a "Windows" desktop, and can do 
what they want, but all the back-end is Wine and Linux.


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