DDraw over WineD3D - Indexed colour visuals

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Mon Apr 10 03:36:59 CDT 2006

> I have tested your application directly(wine ./main) and it seems to
> work for me. (note that i can't compile it because i don't have
> "i486-linux-gnu-gcc")
> It switch to 640*480 and when i press a key (or left mouse button), all
> the screen changes to a color (to white for mouse except a little part
> in the bottom right that shows a tiny code bars). But when i use ESC
> key, i quit the application but doesn't back to my 1024*768 mode. I must
> restart my X server (crtl+alt+backspace) and re-login.
> As you say it appears not to work with open source driver, it works for
> me who use dri driver. If you have another tests or you need more
> information on my system, i can help you
Hm. Odd. What card do you have? Can you try with software rendering(take away 
the users write rights to /dev/dri/card* )

Anyway, the locking code needs some work, and some optimization.

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