Wine tarball patched with DDraw/DX7 over WineD3D patches

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Mon Apr 10 10:07:18 CDT 2006

> I have made a tarball with Wine CVS patched with the
> DirectDraw/DirectX
> 7 over WineD3D patches so it is easier to test/use.
> Feel free to link
> to the page.
Hey, this is great :) Maybe this could be included in the winegit script until 
the code is finally merged?

> The patches fixes the redrawing problems for Warlords
> Battlecry, and the
> animations in Stronghold: Crusader are now smooth
> instead of jerky.
Interesting! The Battlecry fix seems to be related to my slightly better 
SetCooperativeLevel handling(But that's just a wild guess). I have no idea 
what fixed the stronghold problems. I think it's a 2D DirectDraw game(not 
direct3d), so

> Screenshot from Warlords Battlecry
I will update my website. Can you send me a screenshot from Stronghold 
rendered with my patch?

Oh, and sending the mail once is perfectly enought ;)

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