[WINED3D] Improve pshader code structure

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg2 at cornell.edu
Thu Apr 13 04:38:36 CDT 2006

> I'm afraid this page changes too much at one go. You should split it into
> separate pieces. For example:
I can break out some unrelated pieces of it as you point out, but once 
we start moving code around it seems like all of it should be moved in 
the right place, or the result wouldn't make any sense [ i.e if you 
process tokens at the beginning, then code that depends on looking at 
the individual tokens should go into the beginning ]. Does the patch 
cause a regression for you?

>>                      TRACE("Found opcode D3D:%s GL:%s, PARAMS:%d, \n",
>> -                    curOpcode->name, curOpcode->glname, curOpcode->num_params);
>> +                    curOpcode->name, curOpcode->glname, curOpcode->num_params - 1);
> should be one patch. Btw why are you adding -1 here?
That's fixing a minor bug I introduced w/ last patch when I moved the 
trace. numParams includes the destination register, it seems better not 
to print it out, esp since later when we loop over the parameters we 
don't list it, so it looks like a parameter is missing.
> This could be turned into one big patch that is no-op:
>>                      /* Cubemap textures will be more used than 3D ones. */
>> -                    sprintf(tmpLine, "TEX T%lu, TMP, texture[%lu], CUBE;\n", reg, reg);
>> +                    sprintf(tmpLine, "TEX T%lu, TMP, texture[%lu], CUBE;\n", output, output);
What was the question here?

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