Fontforge Dependency (was: Wine Front-End development)

Robert Shearman rob at
Sat Apr 15 16:51:13 CDT 2006

Kuba Ober wrote:

>If fontforge"made a mess", that's not just because it's an extra dependency. 
>It's because someone, instead of making the right choice and shipping 
>whatever files fontforge is building, shipped only the sources. The right 
>thing to do would be to ship the prebuilt stuff at least until "right" 
>version of fontforge reaches mainstream. Now we're trying to waste some more 
>time by ripping fontforge and creating sfd2ttf (?). That's lunacy! Just ship 
>the damn prebuilt files until the time is ripe to take them out. Of course 
>the sources should be kept there all the time as well.

So if a version of gcc got released that didn't produce correct 
libraries then we should add all of the .so files to the Wine tree? What 
a good idea!

Of course, the fix is to try to add a configure check for the incorrect 
ttf files that fontforge produces, or otherwise a version check, as has 
already been discussed.

Robert Shearman

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