Fontforge Dependency (was: Wine Front-End development)

Mike Hearn mike at
Sun Apr 16 05:53:42 CDT 2006

On Sat, 15 Apr 2006 22:51:13 +0100, Robert Shearman wrote:
> So if a version of gcc got released that didn't produce correct 
> libraries then we should add all of the .so files to the Wine tree? What 
> a good idea!

That ignores the costs/benefits of each individual case. I think it's
completely sane to ship TTF files in the source/git trees. They're small,
annoying to generate (because many people don't have FontForge), so the
cost is low and the benefit is high.

Alexandre already applies the same reasoning to shipping the built
configure script.

Certainly adding yet more code we have to maintain to the tree doesn't
make much sense.

thanks -mike

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