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Brian Vincent brian.vincent at
Mon Apr 17 02:01:37 CDT 2006

On 4/16/06, Rich Gilson <signman359 at> wrote:
> I must say, the turn this conversation has taken is interesting.  In
> response
> to what was written above, it does seem to me a curious precedent
> Alexandre
> has set.  After all, wasn't Wine developed to allow people to get AWAY
> from
> Windows?  Yet, when we go to make a GUI toolkit to make it accessible to
> the
> masses, what are we told?  Why, write it for Windows, of course.

1.  You never mentioned what you want this "front-end" to do.  I think
that's pretty important to whatever you're talking about.  Seems to me it
might fit in with winecfg or something else that already exists.

2.  Did you read the thread(s) about rewriting WineTools that occurred over
the past few months?  Are you reinventing that wheel?

3.  Putting a GUI toolkit dependency on Wine will never make everyone
happy.  Even worse, you can't even make a majority of people happy.  If you
assume GNOME or KDE are available, you're assuming you're running on Linux.

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