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Kai Blin blin at
Wed Apr 19 02:26:18 CDT 2006

* Kai Blin <blin at> [17/04/06, 20:44:30]:
> Now what I wanted to as was the following. I've recently started to look
> into the GENSEC library samba4 has to implement SSPI authentication and
> signing/sealing, as the latter is impossible to do with ntlm_auth. Now,
> would you consider this to be too cheesy to do as a project for summer
> of code? If yes, I would of course try to think of something else I can
> do, but I'd really like to see SSPI doing all that's possible on win32
> one day. And I think GENSEC is the way to go.
Judging from the lack of feedback as compared to the other proposals, I
guess you don't like it. I'll go look for something else then.


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