enhmetafile: Create little-endian EMF files on big-endian machines (fixed)

Phil Krylov phil at newstar.rinet.ru
Wed Apr 19 05:34:21 CDT 2006


On Tue, 11 Apr 2006 20:03:22 +0400
Phil Krylov <phil at newstar.rinet.ru> wrote:

> This patch fixes the generation of EMF files (which are little-endian by nature)
> on big-endian machines. It is by no means complete - some record types are still
> unsupported, and reading of little-endian EMFs on big-endian machines still does
> not work - but it works for my app and can be used as a base for future
> improvements.

Anything wrong with this patch? Should I try to improve it in the direction of
supporting more metafile record types and supporting reading little-endian EMFs
from disk? Or change everything at all?

The subject was recently discussed in this thread:

-- Ph.

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