gdi: [2 of 3] Add header for GetCharABCWidthI

Marcus Meissner meissner at
Wed Apr 19 04:33:50 CDT 2006

On Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 07:22:35PM +1000, Jeff L wrote:
> I have repackaged this as package.
> This add the the WineEngGetCharABCWidthsI fuction for GetCharABCWidthsI.
> There is no A or W suffix for this function as it works from a glyph
> rather than a char.
> Change log:
> Add WineEngGetCharABCWidthsI.
> Jeff Latimer
> +//    FIXME("%p, %d, %d, %p\n", font, firstChar, count, buffer);

Please do not use C99 style comments.

Ciao, Marcus

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