Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Thu Apr 20 12:35:46 CDT 2006

Robert Lunnon <bobl at> writes:

> This is the approach I took before but for some reason you didn't accept the 
> patch in process.c related to starting unix lib type applications. The 
> work-around was  to change to the lib directory locate the pwd chdir back, 
> then start the lib using the actual path.rather than the link. There may be 
> another way to find the target directory of a link more elegantly but I don't 
> know it. Anyway, I maintained this delta but it has now expired with the 
> changes in process.c and need to be rewritten anyway.

realpath() should be a lot easier. And you really want to do that in
wine_dlopen, process.c is not the only place that can load files from
a DOS drive.

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