SoC idea: finish wcmd

Robert Shearman rob at
Fri Apr 21 10:27:57 CDT 2006

Brandon Turner wrote:

> Dan Kegel wrote:
>> wcmd isn't thought of as sexy, but it's important;
>> for instance, some installers use it under the hood.
>> Things like
>>  if "%1" == "%2"
>> and the /wait commandline flag are not yet implemented.
>> It wouldn't be all that hard to get wcmd far enough along
>> to make those installers happy; I think it'd make a good SoC project.
>> - Dan
>> -- 
>> Wine for Windows ISVs:
> Hello,
> Not to take anything away from someone that wants to do a SoC 
> project.  But I'm a ROS dev and I know you guys arent taking patches 
> from us right now but that aside, one of my shorter term goals is to 
> try and sync wcmd(if it is what i think it is, i dont use linux / wine 
> often so maybe im misintercepting it) with the ROS cmd.  So just keep 
> that in mind.  I would also be more then willing to mentor someone for 
> this project, assuming I am not disqualified based solely on the fact 
> I am a ROS dev.

I'm pretty sure no-one is being disqualified base solely on the fact 
that they're from a certain project. Trust is earnt over time from 
submitting many good patches and people like Eric Kohl and Thomas 
Weidenmüller have done so and had them committed. Adding test cases 
helps, and if the function is undocumented then an explanation as to why 
it's required if it's not obvious also helps build that trust.

Rob Shearman

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