Sum-up: Re-proposal: web forums

Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at
Sun Apr 23 21:14:22 CDT 2006

Philippe A. wrote:
> I stayed away from them for a very long time, until I came across Google
> Groups. Google taps so well into newsgroups that now I think all mailing
> lists of the world should be turned into a newsgroup :-)
> (Note I keep advocating this suggestion because I'm quite convinced of its
> advantage but I'm not making that personal a personal matter at all.)

I don't think a newsgroup is flexible enough that we can just send
people there and imagine that all problems are solved, even with
Google Groups existing.

My arguments are that a.) people might want to use their own e-mail
instead of a Gmail, and b.) it's easy to get lost on Google Groups and
end up in some other newsgroup.

b.) could be solved by adding a NNTP web interface such as NewsPortal
@ to WineHQ, although I don't
think it's as flexible as fx. a phpBB forum.  For example, it doesn't
allow posting or following conversations.

a.) does not seem to be easily solvable, which is (still) why I do not
think the NNTP solution is good enough...

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