Web forums - simple suggestion

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Sun Apr 23 21:54:30 CDT 2006

Okay, so I've followed this thread, and I have
a range of thoughts and what I think is a simple solution.

First of all, if disk space is an issue, it's easily
corrected with a $100 IDE drive.  I think the real
issue is that Jer doesn't like to work on half baked
ideas unless they're more fully baked or someone else
he trusts is cooking in the kitchen  :-/.

Second of all, it seems to me that the biggest problem
is simply one of presentation.  This is the relevant page:

The current information is really quite poorly presented.
There is way too much information; the useful bits
(the Gmane and Google links) are buried way to deep imho.

Third, I think the biggest problem is that there are 2 places
to go for help.  The wine-users mailing list, and the
legacy usenet newsgroup.

For a while, the two were connected, until the old gateway
we were using broke down, and Jer ripped his hair out trying
to make it work.

But time has passed, and now Mailman has a builtin news <--> mail
gateway system, and maybe we can reconnect them.
(I'll go discuss this with Jer; if I'm not heard from
ever again, it's because he beat me to a pulp with his
printout of the Mailman manuals <grin>).

But if we can reconnect them, then I think a nice solution would
be to retool that page so the Google interface pops out:

That looks forumishy enough to me to satisfy many people,
and yet is nicely backwards compatible with all current



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