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Mon Apr 24 20:05:26 CDT 2006


Very often, I read my email on the run, on the wireless device.

It's really painful to read HTML mail on an email client which doesn't
support it, and wait for GPRS connection to download all unnecessary HTML

Just another 2c against HTML emails.


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Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
> I'm sure that everyone of us really enjoys seeing influx of these
> wonderful HTML messages.
> People please don't send HTML e-mails to the mailing lists. Tey are a pain
> to read. And if some one about to say that's not their fault because they
> use gmail - then DON'T use gmail for this mailing list. Or configure it
> so it does not send HTML messages.
> Vitaliy
The main problem with using the Gmail web interface to send emails is
that at present there is no way of specifying that a certain address
always gets plain text. So if you have just sent a "Rich
formatted"(HTML) message you have to remember change the setting back
to "Plain text". Seeing as I almost never send "Rich formatted"(HTML)
messages anyway this is not a problem for me.

Sending from gmail....


Tony Lambregts

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