What do we need from other projects?

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Thu Apr 27 11:36:09 CDT 2006

Every once in a while a developer from another project asks 'What could 
I do in my project to help Wine?'.

We know there is stuff that could help us, some have been discussed on 
the mailing list long ago, but there's no good trace of it so that we 
are usually unable to really come with a good answer.

So I created a Wiki page to keep track of these features we would need 
from other projects to make Wine better. There are some *BIG* caveats 

  * The page is 'http://wiki.winehq.org/WineWishes'. It may be a terrible 
name so I'm open to other name suggestions.

  * Currently it's only linked to from my home page so it's pretty much 
impossible to find. I'm not sure where to link to it though? Would it be 
ok to link to it from the FrontPage? From the TodoList maybe?

  * This stuff is pretty technical and I don't feel up to the task of 
describing for each exactly what we need, what for, and why that 
project's current API is not good enough for us. So please edit the page 
and fix up the draft description I have put there.
    In particular this probably means Kai Blin and/or Juan Lang for the 
Samba stuff, and Alexandre Julliard, Dmitry Timoshkov or Mike McCormack 
to correct my weird window manager speculations.

And finally, what did I miss?
Linux thread priorities?
Anything on the sound side?
Anything on the X server side?

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