RFC: sfd2ttf

Markus Amsler markus.amsler at oribi.org
Thu Apr 27 19:45:52 CDT 2006


Here's a first version of an sfd2ttf tool based on fontforge-20051205. 
You can dwonload it from [1].
It consists of 5 files (with Makefile) and has a size of 500K. There's 
still some dead code lying around, I think I can bring it down to 
300K-400K. Is this acceptable?
SFD reading was quite easy, the code was well seperated.
TTF generation was a bit harder. I decided to output TrueType, with 
bitmap tables from OpenType. The others ttf variations (full OpenType or 
even aat (Apple Advanced Typography)) are not supported, as it would 
make the tool a lot bigger (factor 2-5 or so) and i believe it's not 
needed (right?).

I'm really no font expert, so any comment is welcome.


[1] http://oribi.org/download/sfd2ttf.tar.gz

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