WineConf 2006

Robert Shearman rob at
Wed Aug 2 14:11:51 CDT 2006

Hi fellow Wine developers,

Our annual Wine conference is taking place in approximately 6 weeks
time. It is an opportunity for you to put names to faces and to talk
about projects that are too crazy to think about discussing on
wine-devel! It is also an opportunity to share knowledge and to share
some drinks!

When is it?        16th & 17th September 2006

Where is it?       University of Reading

Who Should Come?   Anyone interested in Wine development.  Please note:
this is a developers-only conference.

How To Sign Up?    Check out for
  details. Please RSVP if you intend to come.

What's the Agenda? We'll be starting a thread on that shortly.

What's Urgent?     The University is requiring that we have an exact
head count for rooms on campus.  What's more, we have to give them
that count a month in advance, and they will not give us a refund
for folks that don't show up or want to change things around.
Hence, if you would like one of the convienient, reasonably priced
rooms on campus, you need to follow the payment step at:
as soon as possible to book your room.  Note that since we won't
get any refunds for cancellations, we won't be able to refund your money
either  :-( .

I thought WineConf 2005 was a lot of fun and I think everyone else who
attended would agree with me, so hurry up and make your travel 
arrangements and RSVP now!

Rob Shearman

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