wineconsole: command line option output / default user backend

Ekkehard Morgenstern ekkehard.morgenstern at
Wed Aug 9 04:49:45 CDT 2006

Alexandre Julliard wrote:

>The usual way is to fix one bug at a time... If you are suggesting a
>complete rewrite you'll need to make a very convincing case that
>throwing away the existing code is preferable to fixing it.
Well, WCMD allows only 2 arguments, for instance. IMNSHO the code is 
effed-up beyond repair, and I would rather rewrite it than expand on it.

But I won't bother writing a replacement if it's not desired by the WINE 

What I want to do is basically provide a true reimplementation of 
Windows' CMD.EXE program, including, but not limited to, all commands 
that are available on Windows XP.

Extensions I plan to include are graphics commands and more console 
control commands, among others. Plus more ksh-like redirection 
operators. CMD.EXE already supports a few, and I would add the full suite.

The extensions would check if a Wine console window was present by 
calling GetConsoleWindow() (which is currently not implemented) and 
posting a message there that would alter the screen font, cursor 
location, color, etc.

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