All right, let's solve these .desktop issues forever

Mikołaj Zalewski mikolaj at
Mon Aug 14 18:11:01 CDT 2006

  I was investigating the menu problems and now I'm back so I could try 
to fix it. The problem is with the support for the new 
standard. In it the /usr/share/applications and 
~/.local/share/applications contains a flat list of applications while 
the menu structure is controlled by XML files. Thus adding items to 
~/.local/share/applications is harder than adding them to legacy 
directories as the XML files would need to be updated.
  There is however a possibility to add an XML file that includes a 
"legacy" directory where the menu structure is given by the directory 
structure. That would be the easiest way to quickly fix this problem. 
I've attached a simple menu file that could be created by 
wineprefixcreate. It should be copied to 
~/.config/menus/applications-merged/ and 
~/.config/menus/kde-applications-merged/ directories and the path in it 
should be fixed - "username" changed to the actual user name. After 
copying the files from ~/.kde/share/applnk/Wine to ~/.wine/menu the 
items should be visible in the menu (I think it's a good idea to keep 
the .desktop files in ~/.wine). If anyone would test it I would be glad 
to know how it works.
  There is a small problem that KDE scans the ~/.kde/applnk directory 
(unlike Gnome that scans only the global directories /usr/share/applnk 
and /etc/X11/applnk and that why the menu is not visible) and after this 
change will display the menu items twice. This can be fixed by creating 
the ".desktop" in legacy directories with "OnlyShowIn=Old;".
  If this sound good I can send patches to winecreateprefix and 
wineshelllink with these fixes.

Mikolaj Zalewski
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