Fwd: RFC: OpenGL x11drv rewrite (WoW fix)

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at gmx.net
Mon Aug 21 02:57:16 CDT 2006

In case of non-Nvidia users the indirect rendering
> > context which shouldn't be needed for pbuffers is very bad, as most
> drivers
> > don't accelerate indirect rendering yet. The glxpixmap code should be
> > rewritten using pbuffers or perhaps there's a different way.
> what about a flag for specifics glxpixmaps ?

You mean an X flag? I have been thinking about setting some flag for DCs to which a pbuffer is associated. I'm not sure if I'm correct but from what I saw some WGL extension needs to be called to receive a DC for a pbuffer. If we could set a pbuffer flag in there and retrieve it in wglMakeCurrent it would work. I fear that this can only be done in a clean way if it code would be in x11drv :(
> > On irc someone suggested to create a new window for opengl rendering and
> > put it on top of the place that needs rendering. He claimed that
> something
> > similar is done on Windows.
> Yes i thought about the same :)
> But seems ugly to handle on x11drv (2 window for the same => redirect
> input, 
> etc...)

I doubt that Alexandre will allow something this :(

> > This would solve the issues. I was also thinking about layering WineD3D
> on
> > top of WGL also for the sake of portability and it will allow us to use
> > WineD3D on Windows for testing purposes. It would be usefull if our
> opengl
> > can atleast handle windowed rendering. I don't know the code that well
> to
> > change it.
> Problem with WineD3D on top of WGL is that we lost many of usefull APIs
> I think WineD3D on top of x11drv (as WGL on top of x11drv) should a the
> better 
> way

Perhaps that would be cleaner.



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