Regression with 'explorer' starting automatically by 'Process Explorer'

James Liggett jrliggett at
Thu Aug 24 01:08:14 CDT 2006

Hi Paul,
> yes, the patch fixes the problem.
> Wasn't this as your original patch intended? AJ must have changed this for
> a reason, if so.
It was a part of one of my revisions; I got rid of it in the final
version I sent just to make sure I wasn't taking any chances, as AJ has
been aversive to this patch in the past. I *did* test this before I sent
it, and it seemed to work. But I must have screwed up someplace (I think
I was using my installed copy, which used a working but slightly
incorrect version of the patch) BTW, AJ did change some parts of the
patch (I was missing a wine_tsx11_lock/unlock on an X call, which he
fixed for me. Alexandre, if you read this, thanks for that :)


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