Concerning the separate OpenAL32.dll thunk patch andOpenALwinmm driver patch

Nick Burns adger44 at
Fri Dec 1 15:08:50 CST 2006

Sorry I should have reiterated more clearly...
Yes you can dl
   jack -- but it has never worked correctly for me...(I could try Jack 
again -- it has been a while....)
   esd -- but it too did not work so well (very laggy sound)
   liboss -- but i dont think that the alpha version compiles under osx... 
(did not really try to hard there i must admit hehe)
   alsa -- it could be ported -- but .. I dont wish that on anyone

I am referring to builtin sound drivers for Mac OSX
We have CoreAudio and OpenAL builtin (no alsa, no oss, no esd, no jack, ...)

And coreaudio cannot be tested by anyone except for Mac people...
(There seems to be much fewer mac people here...)
An OpenAL driver can be tested by linux people with openal (ok those #s i 
dont know)

So, the openal driver is one that CAN work and be multi platform
Coreaudio can be made to be the most awesome as well -- but that does not 
help linux

- Nick

>From: Pierre d'Herbemont <pdherbemont at>
>To: Nick Burns <adger44 at>
>CC: wine-devel at
>Subject: Re: Concerning the separate OpenAL32.dll thunk patch 
>andOpenALwinmm driver patch
>Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 17:15:30 +0100
>On 1 déc. 06, at 00:54, Nick Burns wrote:
>>Again -- for the sound drivers -- Mac OSX has ONE sound driver ONE
>>I would like to have a choice.
>In fact there is at least two working sound driver: you can also use  the 
>Jack driver on Mac OS X if you've downloaded [1] at compile time  which by 
>the way seems to have a working audio input.

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