Wined3d State management again

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Fri Dec 1 19:11:11 CST 2006

I've done some more work on my state management, and I uploaded an updated 
patch to .

Ok, so what's updated:
* Pixel shaders: Should work now
* GLSL shaders: Working too. Henris shader backend stuff is integrated in a 
messy way.
* Offscreen rendering: Works with back buffer and pbuffer rendering, fbos not 
* Stateblocks: Brute force integration by just scheduling all modified states 
for a reset. No display list yet
* Blitting, render target unlocking: Enabled again, sets new gl states and 
schedules a reapplication of the modified states. Not a nice solution yet

What is still missing:
* Nv register combiners. I haven't found a way yet to build a texture stage -> 
texture unit mapping which I like. All the ways I could think of could 
potentially cause lots of unneccessary state changes.

One nice thing I have noticed is that this changes give a huge performance 
gain in Half-Life 2(dxlevel 80, and 90). Dxlevel 80 is accelerated to 
approximately 150-200% of the former performance, and especially slow parts 
are faster now. This makes a really huge playability difference :-)

There are some regressions too, especially related to texture 
loading(3Dmark2000), and some glsl crashes. The good part about this change 
is that I can send it in in very small patches, making regression testing 
much easier, contrary to the huge ddraw rewrite.

Where to go from here? As long as nobody screams I'd start sending patches 
now. Its easier to catch regressions while sending small patches instead of 
hunting them on the blob I have here(and my messy patch history in my git 
tree). I'm also afraid that I get too far away from the main wined3d code(See 
the shader backend integration). We can discuss the code based on the small 
changes I'll send.

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