Wine HQ server.

Brian Vincent brian.vincent at
Mon Dec 11 20:27:43 CST 2006

> I don't know; that strikes me as overkill.  We do have rack space
> for more servers, so we certainly could drop more in; if someone
> wants to buy 1U servers, we can put those in.

Looking at the traffic reports, it seems like the WineHQ server is
serving A LOT more than it ever has.  We're at 300GB a month compared
to 200GB a year ago at this time.  And I seem to recall a year before
that we were a lot lower.  The only thing that looks simple to offload
is the Changelog, which accounts for 16GB of traffic a month.

I dunno, I know Newman does a lot of that work in his free time and
it's not exactly the most glamorous job.  I'm sure he could have
advanced a few extra levels in WoW by now.  What would be nice in a
world of infinite time, money and resources would be to have 2
webservers that mirror each other set up as a DNS round robin with a
separate MySQL backend box.  (Or, have the MySQL box on the front end
also doing the DNS.)

But I do have to agree with Jeremy - there's a bug that needs to be
fixed first.


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