usp10/tests: Testing of EnumLanguageGroupLocalesA

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sun Dec 17 09:21:35 CST 2006

"Paul Vriens" < at> wrote:

> usp10/tests/usp10.c contains a test for EnumLanguageGroupLocalesA. The
> test that uses this function is not using any other functions. 
> EnumLanguageGroupLocalesA is a kernel32 function and Win98 and NT4 don't
> have this function.
> The question now is should I change the usp10.c tests to check for the
> availability of EnumLanguageGroupLocalesA or just move the complete test
> to the kernel32 ones (where the availability is already tested).

The test in usp10 uses EnumLanguageGroupLocalesA just as a loop driver
to test usp10 APIs inside of enum_proc(), that's impossible to move
the test to kernel32 without losing its functionality. So, I'd propose
just add a check for EnumLanguageGroupLocalesA presence before executing
the test.


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